Soft Garlic Knots

Anyone that knows me well knows that fresh bread and garlic are two of my favorite things. Rarely does a meal pass me by that does not have garlic and/or fresh baked bread involved with it in some way. Mix the two together and I am just in heaven. I was first introduced to […]

Oatmeal Bread (and a giveaway)

Many of you might not yet know this about me but I absolutely LOVE baking with yeast. I find great satisfaction in taking simple ingredients such as flour, butter, water, yeast, and salt and baking them into wonderful loaves of bread or rolls. The smell that wafts through the house when bread is baking is […]

Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

Whenever a family member wants to go to Red Lobster I hesitate but usually go along just to eat the freshly baked cheddar bay biscuits. You see, I am not into seafood and can barely bring myself to order one of their chicken dishes. The place is just way to fishy for me. Ok, enough […]