Macaroni and Cheese (Panera Style)

I am a huge fan of macaroni and cheese and have always wanted to find a great stove top version. I have seen this recipe popping up on many blogs lately and decided that it was worth giving a try. I have never tried the macaroni and cheese at Panera, actually I was unaware that […]

Beautiful Burger Buns

Some people might think that it is a bit extreme to make your own burger buns, but I tell you what. The taste that homemade buns bring to an ordinary burger or sandwich makes it worth the little amount of time that is needed to make them. You may be intimidated to make homemade buns […]

French Dip Burgers

As soon as I saw this recipe I knew that I needed to make it as soon as I possibly could. My all time favorite burger is to be paired with one of my favorite dipping sauces. There was no doubt in my mind that this recipe would blow the typical burger out of the […]

Chicken Tetrazzini

If I had to use only three words to describe this dish they would be; creamy, filling, and leftovers. Creamy, there is no lack of sauce in this dish. Although the noodles are not swimming in the sauce there is definitely enough to cover everything well and make the dish creamy. Filling, most pasta dishes […]