Banana Split Cupcakes

Ever since I first saw these beauties on Annie’s Eats I just knew that I needed to make them. Not only do they look delicious but they also sound delicious too! Unfortunately I did not get to try these cupcakes once they were completed, half of them were donated to a local charity event and […]

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Everyone has heard of snickerdoodle cookies, but how many people have ever heard of snickerdoodle cupcakes! That is exactly what motivated me to make this recipe. These cupcakes were made for my co-workers and boy did they enjoy them. So much in fact I did not even make it to the break room in […]

Strawberry Cream Cake

For my dad’s birthday he had requested a white cake. I decided to go a little above and beyond a basic white cake when I found this recipe on Cook’s Illustrated. The idea of this dessert just sounded amazing. I mean who would not love a giant size gourmet strawberry shortcake with a cream cheese […]

Banana Whoopie Pies

It seems that I always have one or two bananas left on the counter at the end of the week. I get tired of making the same thing, banana bread or banana muffins, so I searched around for something else that would be fun to make with nicely ripened bananas. KAF (King Arthur Flour) led […]